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HR Seminars: What You Need to Know About Employment Dispute Arbitration

Guest post by: Michael Schofield, Esq., Clark Partington (Pensacola, FL) Traditionally, when an employer and employee have a dispute over working conditions, terms, pay, or whatever, the employee quits or is fired, the employer then receives notice of a pending claim, either through the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (the EEOC), or the state’s agency, and […]

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Business Owners: Should You Arbitrate or Should You Litigate in Court?

Guest post by Henderson Franklin Attorneys Suzanne Boy and Carlos Kelly These are important questions, and like many questions involving the law, the answer is “It depends.” There are pros and cons to both arbitration and a traditional lawsuit in court. Arbitration can be (but is not always) faster. But faster doesn’t necessarily mean cheaper […]

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