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Florida Law Firms Form Alliance

Six Florida Firms Launch the Florida Law Alliance

New website streamlines the process of finding legal representation in Florida.

Miami, FL – September 19, 2011

Companies and individuals in Florida can now turn to the new Florida Law Alliance website to find law firms in all major areas throughout Florida. The Alliance is not a partnership, but a group of member law firms who collectively have 11 offices in various Florida locations.

“The site has been carefully designed to make it easy for people and companies to find a law firm in Florida that fits them and their legal issues,” says Spencer Silverglate, one of the founders and managing partner of a member law firm, Clarke Silverglate, P.A.

The Florida Law Alliance was formed by six Florida law firms:

“We believe our new website reflects the professionalism of our member law firms, and the availability of a nearby office all over Florida,” said Michael Corso of another member law firm, Henderson Franklin.

Among the many features that the new, state-of-the-art website provides:

  • News – Recent news and upcoming events.
  • Firms – List of member firms, detailed profiles and contact information.
  • Locations – List and map indicating offices of member firms throughout Florida.
  • Contact Us – Contact information for each member firm, and a contact form that is easily sent on the website to request an initial consultation with an attorney from that firm.

Gary Huston of another member firm, Clark Partington Hart, said “Our website is an effective doorway leading to a client selecting a law firm in Florida, which may be the first step toward resolving your dispute.”

About the Florida Law Alliance

Founded in 2011 by six law firms in Florida, the Florida Law Alliance is not a partnership but enables the member firms to offer representation at a nearby office throughout Florida. The website and this press release provide general information only. The information presented on the website and in this press release are not legal advice and cannot form an attorney-client relationship. Each member law firm is a separate entity that performs its own work independently for its clients, and is solely responsible for the quality of its work. No member law firm accepts responsibility for another firm’s work. For more information, go to or use the online form.