We are a group of independent law firms practicing throughout Florida that have combined their knowledge, efforts, and resources. The goal is to increase efficiency, lower costs, expand the scope and improve the quality of legal services each firm provides to its own clients.

The member firms of the Florida Law Alliance are better able to serve the interests of their clients because of the statewide geographical reach, cumulative expertise in both general and specialized practice areas, and local community knowledge and legal credibility before a specific court or other decision-making body.

The Florida Law Alliance is not a partnership. Each member law firm is a separate entity that performs its own work independently for its clients, and is solely responsible for the quality of its work. No member law firm accepts responsibility for another firm’s work.

Our member firms have offices throughout Florida:


Our member firms represent various types of clients, including large and small companies, individuals and families.


Our member firms have offices throughout Florida, including Tampa, Pensacola, Destin, Tallahassee, Miami, Orlando, Fort Myers, and Jacksonville.

Experience: Types of Law

Our member firms practice many different types of law, including Arbitration & Mediation, Automobile, Aviation & Transportation, Business & Banking, Construction & Development, Corporate, Employment, Environmental & Land Use, Financial, Insurance Defense, Litigation, Marital & Family, Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury & Products Liability, Premises Liability, Probate, Public Policy, Real Estate, Securities, Taxation, Trusts & Estates, Wills, Workers' Compensation.

Experience: Types of Cases

Our member firms have broad experience with different types of cases, including Florida state and federal courts, and jury trials. Member firms are also committed to alternative dispute resolution, including Mediation and Arbitration.


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